History and PurposeEdit

Bards are descended from the loresingers of Afinil. All bards are born with the speech, and it awakens within them at a certain age. The centre of learning for bards is Norloch, which is the biggest school in Annar. All bards learn the ways of the light from a school and there are many schools all over Annar. The purpose of the bards is to uphold the light within Annar and to make sure that justice is done.


Some bards have unique talents like truthtelling, and all bards can live three times as long as an ordinary person. Occasionally bards turn evil and join the nameless one. These bards are called hulls.


All bards must undergo a initiation ceremony. Usually this is done when the bard is instated as a minor bard. The initiation ceremony is performed by the highest ranking member of the school (usually the first bard). The bard who is being instated finds their true name in the speech during the ceremony. This name is kept secret from other people because it describes the bard's innermost character, and can be used to control them.