Hekibel <is this really Hekibel?>

Hekibel first appeared in The Singing. She was a player (read: theatre actress) travelling throughout Annar, along with Karim, Marich, and her dog, Fenek.

Biography Edit

The Singing Edit

As Hem, Soron, and Saliman travel to Til Amon, they encounter a group of players on the road, which included Hekibel. For a while, they, she and the rest of the players travel together in the players' caravan.

Post-Story Edit

Saliman married Hekibel at the end of the series, despite her not being a bard, and they lived together until Hekibel's death.

Personality Edit

Hekibel is a good-natured and genuine woman. According to Maerad, she was sympathetic and unjudging. Additionally, she has a good sense of humor. Not only is this seen when she and Maerad are discussing love, but also with Hem; an example being when she says that the marvelous players' caravan "loses some of its charm" when one has to live in it with Karim and Marich year-round. Around Hem, she is especially kind, willingly allowing him into the caravan when she sees he is curious. She even allowing him to handle the reins later on. Hekibel also reveals something of a maternal side around him, too, offering him assurance in response to his stage fright and stating that once the war was over, she would visit him in the Hollow Lands for as long as he liked.

Despite her friendliness, she is by no means naive or helpless. Upon her meeting Saliman and Hem for the first time, she is very skeptical of them until they earn her trust. When faced with crude soldiers leaving the Hollow Lands, she remained her composure, and otherwise handles danger level-headedly.

Appearance Edit

Hekibel is a woman with blonde, curly hair. Maerad notes that she has a soft, sensuous mouth, and luscious, round features.