Irc is a white crow from Turbansk. He was found by Hem of Pellinor in the gardens of Elimbar el Nad,
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Irc the Crow

being atttacked by his kin because of his color. He earned the title of being the King's Messenger during the time that the birds were brought together to defeat the deathcrows. He then traveled with Hem, Saliman, Soron, and Zelika through the Three Gates, a perilous journey, to reach a large, abandoned city far underground, much to Irc's discomfort. In The Singing, he saves the city of Lirigon by bringing a message warning of the impending attack by the Black Army. Because of this, Cadvan proclaimed Irc as the saviour of Lirigon.

Irc is very boastful, often arguing with the local birds. He can only count up to five, which provides some problems when he is asked to spy on the Black Army. He is very fond of stealing shiny objects, particularly spoons from the kitchens in Turbansk.