Many languages appear within the world of Pellinor.

The Seven Kingdoms Edit

Annar Edit

The story is inferred to be told in Annaren, as it is the common language of nearly all characters. Not much is known about the language.

Suderain Edit

The people of Suderain speak in Suderainian. While living in Turbansk with Saliman in The Crow, Hem learns this language in school.

Known Suderainian words are as follows:

Suderainian Translation Source
Hlaf carrion crow (i.e. an insult) The Crow; 29
Djella Bard The Crow; 9

Thorold Edit

Bards Edit

All Bards (even the Black Bards, known as Hulls) speak using The Speech.

Elidhu Edit

Other Peoples Edit

Pilanel Edit

Pilanel is the language spoken by the Pilani people living in Zmarkan.

Known Pilanel words are as follows:

Pilanel Translation Source
Irc Bird The Crow; 19
Om Toki Nel The Riddle; 224
Na The Riddle; 224
Ek Lada The Riddle; 224
Zmarkan Osidh Elanor The Riddle; 226
Mikinim Healer; Bard The Riddle; 227
Ot Go The Riddle; 302

Jussack Edit

Jussacks, northen peoples originating from Zmarkan, have their own language referred to simply as "Jussack." Maerad learns some of the language from a Jussack named Nim in The Riddle.

Known Jussack words are as follows:

Jussack Translation Source
Hulcha The Riddle; 346
Ij The Riddle; 346
Lakmi Eat The Riddle; 346