Nim was a young Jussack man who was charged with taking care of Maerad when she had been captured by the Jussacks. His tasks included washing her and feeding her. Because of his duty to care for a woman (which was considered humiliating) and his young age, Nim was tormented and subjected to teasing and humiliating comments.. Despite this, Nim continued to care for Maerad diligently and even attempted communication when the others could not hear. Nim was the only one of the Jussacks who was kind to Maerad, and in return for this Maerad gave him her Pellinor brooch.

Personality Edit

Nim, as many Jussacks are, is very skeptical and cynical of others. When Maerad asks for him to return her lyre, he accuses her of trying to trick him and get something for "her spells." However, after some convincing, he believes Maerad, and admits he would like to hear her play but cannot do so as he would be punished. He also, despite admitting he was "stupid to do this", ends up returning her belongings to her.

Despite his open dislike of the Pilani people, he does apologize to Maerad for offending her when he finds out her father was Pilani. This reveals his kindness greatly, for his people are enemies with Pilani and usually are, as Nim puts it, "not peaceful." However, he still bears a fierce and arguably ignorant loyalty for the Jussacks, as it is the only way of life he knows. This is seen when Maerad suggests that Nim could one day visit Annar and says that the people there are not cruel like his leader, Amusk, he becomes ashamed and once again is harsh with her.

According to Maerad, her and Nim's relationship was something that could have became a friendship if not for the circumstances they were in. She notes how, while he was having to clean and nurse her, that his manner of doing these tasks were respectful and "not without gentleness." They also have in common that they own something dear to them which belonged to their dead mothers:for Maerad, a lyre, and for Nim, a circular pendant.

Nim also bears a certain benevolence which is unexpected for the Jussack people. He agrees with Maerad when she said that peace is better than killing, and feels a strong responsibility to care for his siblings and his grandmother, knowing that both of his parents are dead. This feeling makes him swears he will never escape to Annar as Maerad suggests, but still he entertained the idea, seemingly as a way to hide from the "cruel" and "adult" reality of their world.

Appearance Edit

Nim has pale skin and long, blond hair. His eyes are blue and rimmed by blue tattoos. He is near to the same age as Maerad.

Gift Edit

Similar to Dharin, Nim has a flawless sense of knowing where he was.