Barding has a long tradition of poems, songs, and rhymes. Fragments of these appear in all four books of the series.

Introductory RhymeEdit

This traditional Annar nursery rhyme, from the Library of Busk, appears in the foreword of all four books.

One is the singer, hidden from sunlight
Two is the seeker, fleeing from shadows
Three is the journey, taken in danger
Four are the riddles, answered in treesong:
Earth, fire, water, air
Spells you OUT!

Book Section Headings Edit

For song fragments that lead section headings, see each book's Song subsection:

Songs in The Naming

Sons in The Riddle

Songs in The Crow

Songs in The Singing

Other songs mentioned in the booksEdit

The Naming

The Lay of Anomian and Beruldh

Cadvan's Chant of Afinil

Mercan's Quest

Dernhil's Apology Enryu

The Elidhu's Song