Saliman of Turbansk is a member of the First Circle of Turbansk and one of the most important Bards in the southern realm of the Suderain, the most powerful of the Seven Kingdoms. He is charismatic and brilliant, a popular and amusing companion. He and Cadvan have been friends since they were young men, and Nelac of Lirigon, Cadvan’s former teacher, was also one of his mentors. Saliman is a gifted healer, but in his youth decided to study the Art of Reading under Nelac and is better known in his birth city as a fearless warrior and captain.

Biography Edit

Personality Edit

Being a Bard of the First Circle, Saliman has relationships with a wide range of people, making him friendly and well-spoken. While his usual manner is rather laid-back, he displays a disciplinary sternness in response to Hem's misbehavior while he is taking care of him. However, he is not one to resort to any violence, as he, rather than giving Hem a "sound whipping" after he ate fruit from an important bard's garden, Saliman has a talk with him. Saliman is also very understanding and a brutally honest man, despite Cadvan's warning when Saliman and Maerad first met that he is a "knave." In addition, Hem thinks of Saliman as "heroic and witty."

Relationships Edit


Cadvan is a long-time friend of Saliman's.



After Maerad and Cadvan fled to Thorold, Hem was put into Saliman's care. Saliman holds a particular fondness for Hem as if a child of his own, and Hem respects him as the parent he never before had.


Zelika, a girl found on the streets of Turbansk by Hem, was taken in by Saliman when she had no where else to go. Saliman seems to care for her as well as he does Hem.


A travelling player who eventually joins the main characters in the middle of their quest, Hekibel grows very close with Saliman. Despite her not being a bard, Saliman proposes to her at the end of The Singing.

Appearance Edit

Saliman has dark skin and long, black hair. According to Hem in The Crow, he is 'handsome.' Saliman is even favored by Alison Croggon herself.