This tragic lay first appears at the start of Ch. 1 "Gilman's Cot" but more of the lay is revealed in Ch. 3 "The Scrying" when Cadvan and Maerad duet the first four verses. Cadvan describes the rest of the lay as, "And so Andomian and Beruldh met, and wended their way to the dungeons of the Nameless, and there died, beyond hope or help of the Light."

Speak to me, fair maid!

Speak and do not go!

What sorrows have your eyes inlaid?

With such woes

My dam is buried deep

Dark are my father's halls

And carrion fowl and wolves now keep

Their ruined walls.

Stay and heal thy hurt

Lay down that brow of stone

From this day forth my hidden heart

Will be your own.

The curse of Karak binds me

My brothers are his thralls

And I muse turn all joy and flee

To his foul halls...