"The Speech" refers to a language spoken by bards. It is attained at full by those bearing the Gift at no particular age. Though the language can be learned by other means, as was done by the Dhyllic people, it held no Bardic virtue to those without the Gift.

Bards use the Speech when speaking of important matters because it was believed to be "impossible to lie in the Speech." This belief was disproved, as Hulls are in fact able to lie in the Speech. However, this usage of the language was considered improper and referred to as Dark or Black Speech.

The Speech is not subject to the same change and variety as other languages are. Nevertheless, there would be a slight but noticeable difference when comparing the Speech of Afinil to the Speech in Maerad's time, or the Speech of the southern Edil-Amarndh regions to the northern, according to the Appendices of The Naming.

A list of known words and phrases in the speech are as follows:

The Speech Translation Source
Lemmach Stop The Naming; 19
Ni Ardrost Go Home The Naming; 19
Imil Go; Leave The Riddle; 302
Noroch Fire The Naming; 51
Na Of; From The Naming
Lirean The Naming; 77
Lirean Noch The Naming; 77

The Singing; 55

Ke Sammach The Naming; 77
Langrea I The Naming; 77
Dhillan Starwater Stone The Naming; 176
Dhilla The Riddle; 227
Dhillarearën Starpeople (a.k.a. Bards, Healers, or the Singers) The Riddle; 227, 254
Esterine Ni The Naming; 201
Esterine Ne The Riddle; 177
Osaenë The Naming; 278
Ke An De The Naming; 278
Ile Ni Taramsë Lir The Naming; 278
Noch De Remanë Kel De An Ambach The Naming; 278
Takarmernë Be Cursed The Riddle; 16
Nachadam Kul De Monster Of The Dark The Riddle; 16
Il Sammachel Estarë De I Summon You, Wind Of The West The Riddle; 14
Der Ni Be Gone The Crow; 8
Mulchar Carrion The Crow; 8
Samandalamë Greetings The Naming; 450

The Riddle; 23

The Singing; 294, 324

The Bone Queen; 343

Ilader The Riddle;100
Andhaseä The Riddle; 100
Edil-Amarandh The World The Riddle; 7, Appendices